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Shared Values: Israelis Like Bizarre Political Ads Too

While it's true the U.S. has some spectacularly bizarre ads....


...We're not the only ones. Strict regulations on campaign advertising and spending mean Israeli parties strive for a viral factor that will earn them shares on social media. That means some pretty out-there premises. Here are a few of the notable ads thus far. 

Jewish Home: No Apologies

Dressed as a Tel Aviv hipster, Naftali Bennett is afflicted with a series of mishaps, for which he profusely apologizes to those responsible. The video mocks what Bennett perceives as the left's obsession with world opinion and bears the slogan "We are not apologizing anymore."

Meretz: We Don't Mock Our Brothers and Sisters

Meretz took the high road to respond to Bennett's ad. Chair Woman Zehava Galon dressed up as an ultra-orthodox woman as if to mock Bennett's base -- as he'd mocked her party's -- but then stops. "Meretz doesn't make fun of its brothers and sisters," flashes on the screen, and that's the end of the video.

Meretz: Transformation With Meretz In the Government

Meretz gets another (more deserved) mention with this one. The Meretz list (yup those are real politicians) crash a boring wedding and liven things up. The message of the video? Do you want a better party? Then you "want Meretz inside the government." 

Likud: In the Moment of Truth - Netanyahu

Basically Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog are afraid to pick up a call from President Obama. The Prime Minister probably isn't saying he's the best one to uphold the friendship with Obama in this video, but rather that Israel needs a leader who will stand up against Israel's greatest ally. 

Danny Danon: Oh Zoabi!

Number 9 on the Likud list released this video to boost his primary campaign. It ties controversial MK Hanin Zoabi with Tzipi Livni and says his handling of Zoabi will make Livni weep. There's a lot more to be said about this one, and more has been

Ronen Shoval: Bear Livni Attack

Ronen Shoval, who has a realistic chance of winning a seat in the next Knesset in the 16 spot on Jewish Home's list, parodied a viral GoPro bear attack video with Tzipi Livni and Peace Now Director Yariv Oppenheimer in place of the bear. Shoval saves the day, however, distracting the attackers with an edition of Haaretz. 

Likud: The Babysitter: Who will Keep Our Children Safe?

Who needs a babysitter when you can have a Bibi-sitter? Or, more to the video's point, would you rather have Prime Minister Netanyahu watching your kids, or Isaac Herzog or Tzipi Livni? There are some decent jokes in here - the parents worry Herzog would give away the home and or that Livni would leave (she's left a few parties in her career) - leading to the question of who voters want watching their kids in the next election. But the best part is Bibi lovingly watching himself on television.

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